iPhone and iPad email settings

How to setup your iPhone or iPad with Gaggle.net email for ECCSS

1. Buy an iPhone or iPad
2. Tap “Settings”
3. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
4. Tap “Add Acount…”
5. Tap “Other”
6. Tap “ Add Mail Account”
7. Enter Name, Address, Password and Use “ECCSS” as your Description









8. Tap “Next”
9. Under Incoming Mail Server, enter:
a. Host Name: imap.gaggle.net
b. Full email as Username
c. Your Password











10. Tap “Next”
11. Your iDevice will “Verify”












12. Tap “Save”


Great! Your iDevice should now be ready to send and receive Gaggle.net (@eccss.org) emails.