Athletic Association




  • To promote interest in all sports at Elk County Catholic High School.
  • To generate funds for the financial obligations of this association to the Athletic Department of the school.


2021-2022 Athletic Association Officers:

Kelli Brannock – President

Vice President- Pete Straub

Bob Breindel – Treasurer

Tricia Wasko – Secretary

Leo Simbeck-Member

Tom Gilmore-Member 

Scott Jacobs-Member

Rick Emmert-Member

Aaron Lanzel-Member 

Glen Pistner-Member 

Andy Gahr-Member

Scott Billie-Member

Terri Bish – Diamond Dazzle

Gale O’Neill – 5-month lottery 

Dave Geci – Build the Crusader Fund

Aaron Straub – ECCSS Athletic Director 







  • Bingo
  • 5-Month Sweepstakes Lottery (to pay for a ticket click here.)
  • Outdoor Bash (to pay for a ticket click here.)
  • 12 Days of Christmas winner list click here.
  • Diamond Dazzle
  • “Pass for Cash” Raffle winner list click here.
  • Gate Admissions/Concession Stand
  • Crusader Golf Outing





Meetings are held on the third Sunday of every month.