Multicoloured lottery or bingo balls

The Elk County Catholic High School Athletic Association sponsors two five-month sweepstakes each year. The first drawing for the new sweepstakes will be on April 1, 2019. The donation is $40 for all five months. One-thousand tickets are available. If you are interested in a ticket, please contact the school (834-7800).
The winning number is taken from the evening Three Digit Pennsylvania Lottery Drawing. If a number is not drawn, the previous day’s number is reversed. $100 is awarded each Sunday and $50 is awarded each day Monday through Saturday. $1,000 is awarded on the last drawing day of each month. Also, on the last day of the month, one number above the winning number receives $100 and one number below receives $100.
Starting in April, if a winning ticket is unsold, the winner of the daily prize will be the next sold ticket in sequential numerical order. For example, if the evening Three Digit Pennsylvania Lottery Drawing number is 210 and 210 is NOT SOLD, then the winner for that day would be 211. If 211 is not sold, it would go to 212. This sequence continues until there is a winner for that day.
S.G.O.C. 16-1