On May 1, the ECCSS St. Marys schools joined together to celebrate the month of Mary through a Living Rosary and May Crowning ceremony. The event was coordinated by the ECCSS Campus Ministry Department and emceed by middle school religion teacher Mr. Luke Daghir.

The Living Rosary began with ECCSS president Sam MacDonald leading the Apostles Creed. Three decades of the rosary were then led by students from each school; the final two decades were led by high school students and were recited in Spanish and Latin. The Glory Be and Our Father prayers were led by faculty and staff members from all three schools. The Luminous Mysteries were also included in the service.
The May Queens from each school then joined Fr. Ross at the altar; fifth-grader Anna Glatt represented St. Marys Catholic Elementary School, eighth-grader Tiffani Total represented St. Marys Catholic Middle School, and senior Morgan Dinsmore represented Elk County Catholic High School. Several senior girls also sang “Mary’s Song” as part of the service.
The ceremony was beautiful and a very special tribute to the Blessed Mother! May she bless our schools and students always, especially in these last few weeks of the school year!