On Thursday, December 21, the 6th Annual Alumni/Student “Share Your Career” Day was held at Elk County Catholic. Each year, this event involves ECC alumni members sharing their educational and career experiences with current juniors and seniors in an attempt to help the students prepare for life after high school.
Fourteen former students took part in this year’s event:
▪️ Dr. Erin Wachter ’06 (chemistry)
▪️ Amber McAllister Colello ’06 (counseling/human development/social work)
▪️ Chad Meholic ’07 (website and social media management)
▪️ Sarah Bush ’07 (leadership/community development)
▪️ Keith Purdy ’06 (military – field artillery captain)
▪️ Marisa Caruso Purdy ’05 (early childhood/elementary education)
▪️ Cacee Reuscher Gardner ’05 (human resources/management)
▪️ Kristy Hanes ’13 (business/entrepreneurship)
▪️ Camille Smithbauer ’14 (occupational therapy)
▪️ Jessica Fleming ’15 (recreational therapy)
▪️ Jeff Buchheit ’83 (marketing)
▪️ Emma Daghir ’14 (environmental science)
▪️ Garret Reuscher ’13 (game computer simulations/app development)
▪️ Maura Keyes ’13 (engineering)
Another successful year full of great guidance from our alumni!!
Thank you to all our speakers for their willingness to take time out of their days to help our students! We appreciate your generosity!