Board of Directors


2017-2018 Board of Directors (with parish representation)

The Board is responsible for the educational, financial, personnel and maintenance policies of the Elk County Catholic School System. The Board oversees and manages the affairs of ECCSS subject to the limitations imposed by the articles and bylaws, and the laws of the Roman Catholic Church, including those issued for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie. All directors serve without compensation. Parish representatives serve a term of office of three years, which coincides with ECCSS’s fiscal year.


Bill Hoffman, Chair: At Large
Atty. Jim Martin, Vice Chair: St. Leo Parish
Gary Anderson, Treasurer: St. Mary’s Parish
Tina Gradizzi, Secretary: St. Boniface Parish
Voting Members:
Fr. Justin Pino: ECCSS Vice President of Catholic Mission and Pastor of St. Leo Parish
Mrs. Cathy Dornisch: Sacred Heart Parish
Mrs. Dawn Foringer: St. Leo Parish
Mr. Tony Gerg: St. Boniface Parish
Mr. Matt Herbstritt: St. Mary’s Parish
Mr. Sam MacDonald: ECCSS President
Mrs. Cindy Pasi: Queen of the World Parish
Mr. Don Schaut: Queen of the World Parish
Mr. Steve Vallone: At Large
Non-Voting Members:
Fr. Michael Gabler, O.S.B., Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish
Fr. Ross Miceli, Pastor, St. Boniface Parish
Fr. Jeff Noble, Pastor, Queen of the World Parish
Fr. Peter Augustine Pierjok, O.S.B., Pastor, St. Mary’s Parish
Mr. John Schneider, Principal, ECCHS and SMCMS
Mrs. Debbie Slay, Principal, SMCES
Mr. Robert Breindel, Director of Finance
Mrs. Sue Jansen, Director of Advancement
Mrs. Monica Schloder, Principal, St. Boniface School and St. Leo School