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Ray Knight, School Principal
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Saint Boniface is located at 359 Main Street, Kersey, PA.

Saint Boniface Catholic School


Saint Boniface, founded in 1885, is a student-centered parish Catholic elementary school encompassing preschool through grade five. We provide self-contained and limited departmental instruction with emphasis on high academic achievement, self-esteem, and a commitment to Christian values. Our nurturing environment includes a variety of teaching styles and experiences to educate the whole child to meet present and future challenges as we move through the 21st century.
A Catholic education aims to prepare students not only for careers, but also for life. It helps students to deal not only with questions of what a person should know, but also with how a person should live. Catholic education is best realized in Catholic Schools which offer opportunities for each child to receive religious and secular instruction, experiences daily living in a faith community, and develops skill and commitment in serving others. Catholic students learn to integrate the teachings of moral and spiritual values of the Catholic Church within the academic, social, and emotional environment of the Catholic School. Our Catholic School is part of The Elk County Catholic School System within the Diocese of Erie. As part of the many parishes that support our Catholic Schools, St. Boniface and the Diocese look to the school to serve its children and to collaborate with the Diocese in the formation of its children.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to prepare students through religious and secular instruction so that each individual will enter the community committed to bringing Christ into daily life. Through a partnership of family, community, school and church, students will learn to integrate the teachings of moral and spiritual values within the school’s academic, social and emotional environment. The faculty is dedicated to educating and meeting the needs of every child.

Our Philosophy

Saint Boniface Parish School believes that religious values should be assimilated so that each student enters that community committed to bringing Christ into daily life. Our Academic purpose is to provide solid structured educational programs.
The faculty is dedicated to educating and meeting the basic needs of every child. Every effort is made to identify and support their individual differences.
The shared values and common goals of our school, including the diocesan curriculum form the foundation of our student’s education. A teacher’s role is to guide student’s education. A teacher’s role is to guide students and involve their parents in the educational process.


Belief Statements:
Areas of focus are listed before each belief.

Student-Centered School:
Each child will be taught and will learn according to his/her needs.

Christian Atmosphere and School Organization:
The education of each child will be based on the gospel values and beliefs set forth by Jesus.

Challenging Curriculum:
Each child will be challenged through differentiated assessment and instruction in Mathematics and Reading.

Teaching/Learning Interaction:
Small class size allows teachers help every child succeed.

Professional/Spiritual Development:
Through ongoing professional and spiritual development, we continue to be a role model for our students.

Home/School/ Community Partnership:
It takes a village to raise and teach a child.

Multi-Age Learning Resources

Your Child Will Thrive In Our Unique School Environment
Multiage classrooms are composed of students who are more than one year apart. Students remain with the same teacher for more than one year. Multiage classrooms are made up of a mix of abilities and ages. Students are not grouped based solely on academic performance. Multiage classrooms reflect the natural groupings found in our neighborhoods, communities and in the world, and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, modeling of behaviors, practice of responsibility and nurturance, and development of leadership and social skills.
Several principles and practices are foundational to multiage classrooms:
  • The teacher is the facilitator of learning (rather than the keeper of knowledge)
  • Developmentally appropriate, child-centered, continuous learning
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Attention to the education of the whole child
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Elementary School Areas of Focus

St. Boniface’s robust elementary program encompasses all disciplines in a challenging, enriching whole.

Literature & Language Arts

  • Appreciation of a variety of literary genres
  • Strong writing skills, including persuasive and creative writing


  • Hands-on experimentation
  • Exploration of the natural sciences
  • Understanding engineering concepts

World Languages & Cultures

  • Building steps for fluency in Latin and modern languages
  • Connecting with ECC as a partner school for learning and enriching
  • Geographic knowledge and cultural understanding


  • Real-world problem-solving
  • Algebraic thinking
  • Understanding measurement and data


  • Music history and music appreciation
  • Reading music
  • Playing a musical instrument

Physical Education

  • Promoting fitness, body awareness, and coordination
  • Movement and exercise incorporated throughout the day
  • After-school athletics and team sports available


  • Keyboarding and word processing
  • Using mobile devices and web-based tools
  • Collaborating on digital projects


  • Art history and appreciation
  • Utilizing a wide variety of media and techniques
  • Community art projects

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