Catholic Identity

There are ever-present reminders to our students that God is part of all we do. Beyond the visible sacramentals of our faith, worship and prayer are part of every school day. Students come to know the person of Jesus Christ by learning and living their faith in action through service. Faith formation is woven into the fabric of our Catholic education.


Whether it be advancing to kindergarten or graduating from high school, each student at ECCSS is prepared. Our students are able to read, write, calculate, think critically and work as a team. At every grade level, our students are equipped for what lies ahead due to a committed, diverse and passionate group of faculty and staff members that hold various degrees and certifications. The solid foundation provided in our schools ready students for their next steps.

Student Life

Students at the Elk County Catholic School System are presented with many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. The Crusader sports program is one of the strongest and most respected in the area. Many extracurricular activities are available to students to further develop different aspects of their personalities.

Creative Programs

Our school system offers many opportunities for students to develop their artistic sides. We boast excellent music, art, and drama programs, and our instructors in all three departments are well-versed in their respective areas of expertise. ECCSS also hosts a number of summer camps that are geared toward those students who are drawn to the arts.
Strength Test

Strength Test

Miss Wendel’s 2B science class started off the year by seeing which teacher had the strongest paper towel wet while holding unix cubes. The class made their predictions based on the brand of paper towels and how many cubes they thought would rip the paper towel. The...

Welcome New Athletic Association Members!

Welcome New Athletic Association Members!

We would like to welcome our new Athletic Association Board members for the 2021-22 school year. The Athletic Association helps raise funds annually to help pay for transportation, officials, sports equipment, uniforms, and concessions for our student athletes. This...

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