Prayer for a Celebration of Holy Week

Jesus, Our Redeemer and Lord,
Enter into my mind and heart as Holy Week unfolds
and open me to the grace of this sacred time.

Through its symbols and stories, awaken in me an awareness of your great sacrifice,
made so generously on our behalf.

As I gather with other members of my parish family,
fill me with humility, gratitude, and reverence.

From the solemn celebration of Palm Sunday
to the opening of the Triduum on Holy Thursday,
may my focus remain on you.

As I listen once again to the agonizing story of your Passion, death, and burial, may I learn what it means to say, “your will be done.”

And, throughout the quiet space of Holy Saturday, may I await, dormant and expectant, for your rising to new life as Easter dawns.

I ask this in your holy and blessed name.
Amen 🙏