The fourth and fifth grade science classes at St. Marys Catholic Elementary were recently visited by Mr. James Slay. Mr. Slay is fascinated by ducks and their habitats. He recently donated a duck mount with two Green-winged teal ducks to the schools science lab.
Mr. Slay came and shared a wide variety of facts, photos from his personal experiences on duck hunts, and another mount with two Mallard ducks. He demonstrated several duck calls and helped the students distinguish the message each call was sending.
As a follow-up to the presentation, the students completed a simple lab experiment to demonstrate why ducks spend hours preening themselves. Finally, the students had the opportunity to listen to several ducks calls using the Dell Display board.
Pictured below are:
Izzy Meyer, Abby Gregory, Martina Mann, Franco Williams, Mr. Slay, and Colby Meyer