Today ECCHS Juniors and Seniors participated in Share your Career Day. ECCHS Alumni are invited to talk to students in the career field they are interested in. Thank you to all our guest speakers who took time off work or school to join us!

Brian Murphy-Architecture
Garrett Reuscher-Computer Programming
RaeAnne Bucher-4th year Animation Major
Christian Schmidt-Forestry/Hydrology/Env. Science
Sophia Assalone-Nursing
Katie Lanzel-Radiology
Sophia Yanak-Medical
Jen Asti-Criminal Psychology/Juvenile Justice/Forensic Psychology
Whitley Breakey-Psychology
Mitchell Smithbauer-Electrical Engineering
Christine Anderson-C.E./Oil Field/Business Management
Alicia Fritz-2nd year Graphic Design Major
Lee Cunningham-Safety/Env. Science/Business Administration
Vern Kreckel-Machining/Business
Scoot Williams-Law
Melissa Leathers-Cosmetology
Kyle Schatz-Landscaping
Joe Tettis-HVAC
Ed Bucher-Diesel Technology student