ECCSS’s Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 concluded last Friday afternoon with a faculty and staff dinner at Gunners Restaurant in St. Marys. The following teachers and staff members were acknowledged as they celebrated hallmark years:

5 Years – Megan Ambrose (SMCES), Melinda Lanzel (SMCES), Grace Messineo (ECCHS), Gale O’Neill (SMCES), Bonnie Reinke (SMCMS/ECCHS), Kim Sloff (SMCES), and Ken Vogt, Jr. (SMCMS)

15 Years – Rose Anne Reuscher (ECCSS Finance Office)

20 Years – Wee J. Fernan (ECCHS)

30 Years – Elaine Brem (ECCHS)

Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for your dedication to our schools!

ECCSS also acknowledged those retiring from our school family: JoAnn McPherson (preschool teacher – 14 years – St. Boniface School); Nick Marroni (custodian – 44 years – St. Leo School); and Anne Kronenwetter (middle school teacher – 41 years – St. Marys Catholic Middle School). Although they will be missed, we wish them all the best in their retirement!

Where would this world be without teachers? Thank you to all educators, near and far, for the sacrifices you make and the many hats you wear for the sake of your students! You ARE making a difference in this world!