Does Bracketology make your brain hurt? Make the decision an easy one this year by participating in our March Madness Basketball Slam Sweepstakes! Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased by clicking on this link:
How it works:
  •  There are 24 teams used in the fundraiser. Each ticket receives four teams. If any of the teams on your ticket don’t make it into the tournament, alternate teams will be assigned and posted on the Basketball Slam website by March 15.
  •  $2,500 in cash prizes will be awarded! Prizes are based on the total cumulative scores of each four-team combination. The highest and lowest four-team totals win prizes! In case of ties, prizes are combined and split.
What you get with the purchase of a ticket:
  •  Twelve chances to win cash prizes (The money is sent directly to you if you are a winner. You will receive it after the men’s tournament concludes.)
  •  An awesome meal deal from Don’s Pizza in St. Marys.
  •  Special offers from
Order online now! Thank you for your continued support of Elk County Catholic School System!