Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the teachers out there! Words cannot express how grateful we are for our educators here at ECCSS. Our students are so fortunate to have such incredible, dedicated and supportive teachers surrounding them each day. Thank you for all you do!

Pictured are the teachers celebrating hallmark years as well as this year’s retirees.

2017 Retirees: Mary Ann Rettger (46 years), Mary Detwiler (39 years), and Linda Meier (42 years)

2017 Hallmark Teachers:

Front Row: Jennifer Meyer (20 years), Sharon Minnick (40 years), and Patty Cotter (25 years)

Back Row: Pete Winklbauer (45 years), Anne Kronenwetter (40 years), Deana Wittman (25 years), Lynne Kucenski (10 years), Audrey Murray (40 years), Marlene Stubber (35 years), and Leah Sorge (10 years)

Missing from photo are: Lisa Daghir (10 years), Danielle Fledderman (20 years), Tony Breindel (25 years), Lori Renwick (25 years), Gerry Geer (25 years), Dave Froberg (5 years), Frank Ginther (5 years), Dean Hansen (5 years), Marsan O’Leary (20 years), and Cathy Zore (20 years)