The students at Elk County Catholic High School and St. Marys Catholic Middle School were recently treated to a special presentation from motivational speaker Todd Parisi. He is a retired member of the US Marine Corps and the founder of Team Spartan, a youth volunteer group dedicated to being active in the community while encouraging its members to be their absolute best. Focus is also placed on leadership, honor, character, self-confidence and integrity.

In his talk with the students, Mr. Parisi encouraged them to be remembered for how they treat others, often asking them throughout, “What kind of legacy will you leave behind?” He touched on the subject of bullying and instructed the students to be a friend to someone in need of one.

He also told them to live to the beat of their own drum and to keep their focus on what’s most important – being kind to people. He left them with the message, “Find something you’re passionate about, and go after your dreams.”

Awesome advice! Thank you, Mr. Parisi, for spending some time with our students and for your inspiring words!