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The Elk County Catholic School Community recognizes that “the future of humanity lies in the hands of those who are strong enough to provide coming generations with reasons for living and hoping” (The Church Today, 31) and that “education is one of the most important ways to encourage individual achievement, faith formation, personal responsibility, and respect for others.” In response to this call, we are committed to provide the finest Catholic education to those young adults we serve. Our mission, set in a formal academic environment, is not only to prepare our students in the realization of their ultimate cognitive and aesthetic potential; rather, we recognize the need to develop Christian morals and values in order to live a truly fulfilled life, both now and in the future. We believe that education must provide students with multidimensional experiences of learning. We strive to proclaim the message as revealed by God, to develop a sense of unity with the Holy Spirit, to encourage genuine service to the human community, and to promote human dignity by acknowledging the presence of Jesus within every individual.

We believe that every individual should be provided with an opportunity to discern those specific spiritual and intellectual areas where he or she will discover ultimate inner peace and personal satisfaction.

We believe that each individual should be allowed to develop his or her particular abilities and unique creative talents within the framework of a Christian community.

We believe that all individuals should be provided with realistic challenges in order to prepare themselves for the moral, intellectual, social, technological, and physical demands of today’s society.

We believe that every individual, through formal training, guidance, and formation, recognizes those special gifts and talents that will enable that individual to assume his or her leadership role in a democratic society.

Therefore, the function of a Catholic education is to make every effort to assist each student in realizing his or her ultimate potential in terms of intellectual growth, spiritual development, and artistic creativity and to recognize his or her particular responsibility to both God and self.

The Elk County Catholic School Community believes that a comprehensive curriculum should not be of an elusive or esoteric nature. Rather, the curriculum at Elk County Catholic is a defined program of studies designed to meet the individual needs, expectations, and aspirations of each and every student by teaching fundamental skills that encourage critical thinking, questioning, and lifelong learning. The professional staff recognizes its responsibility to focus on the acquisition of religious values and spiritual truths in conjunction with the development of meaningful educational skills and competencies. Therefore, a conscious effort is made to integrate Catholicity into the teaching and learning. The program is specifically designed to be diversified enough to allow for flexibility in application. Thus, a student at any level of proficiency is assured of a quality education that will meet his or her individual needs.