Alumni Association


The purpose of the Elk County Catholic High School Alumni Association is to promote the spiritual, intellectual, moral, and social welfare of its members and to strongly support and further the cause of Catholic education. All persons who have graduated from St. Marys Catholic High School, St. Benedict’s Academy, Sacred Heart High School, St. Leo’s High School, St. Marys Central Catholic High School, and Elk County Christian/Catholic High School are members of the Alumni Association.

2014-2015 Alumni Association Officers
President – Ms. Dawn Salter ’90
Vice President – Mrs. Jackie Anzinger LeGrys ’91
Treasurer – Mrs. Kelly Ehrensberger Breindel ’89
Secretary – Mrs. Danielle Miller Fledderman ’91

Alumni Association Events and Meetings

Below is a list of the events and meetings held each year by the ECCHS Alumni Association:

Monthly Alumni Masses
Monthly alumni masses take place on the third Wednesday of the month* during the school year (*this date sometimes changes based on the school schedule.) All alumni are invited to attend mass in the ECC Chapel to celebrate with the students, faculty and staff. At the culmination of the service, the alumni are invited to the cafeteria for a continental breakfast and some socializing.

Golden Grads Reunion
The Golden Grads Dinner takes place the Sunday before Columbus Day each year at ECCHS and is held for those alumni who graduated 50 or more years earlier. It is an opportunity for the graduates to meet, reminisce and celebrate. Mass is held prior to dinner, and pictures of each class are taken. Then, the 50th year class members are welcomed into the Golden Grads and presented with a small memento. Also, a class speaker is usually nominated to give a speech as part of the program. An average of 200 people attend this annual event.

Fall Business Meeting
The fall business meeting is held in mid-October at the ECC Administration Building. Please consider joining us to discuss how to advance the cause of the association for the school community.

Out-of-Town Alumni Happy Hours
This is the newest event of the alumni activities. These events are usually held on a Thursday evening and involve holding an alumni gathering at a bar/restaurant in areas where a fair number of ECC alumni reside. Alumni are invited to attend, have a drink and/or some dinner, and socialize and reminisce with the other alumni in their neck of the woods. Door prizes and 50/50s have been held and have been great additions to the night. Successful events have been held in both Pittsburgh and State College thus far.

Alumni/Student “Share Your Career” Get-Together
The first Alumni/Student “Share Your Career” Get-Together was held in December 2012. This day focuses on alumni sharing their positive educational and career experiences with current ECC students in an attempt to directly connect them to our alumni community. Fifteen alumni members participated in the inaugural event, which students found to be very beneficial in planning their career paths.

Spirit Night
Spirit Night has traditionally been held during the winter months (usually in January or February) on the night of a home boys’ basketball game. However, in addition to the winter Spirit Nights, an inaugural fall event was held in October of 2014 in conjunction with a football game. Alumni memorabilia is distributed, and activities are held during halftime of the game. All of-age alumni are then invited to a local establishment after the game for food, drinks, and socializing. Drawings and giveaways are also held. The last Spirit Night was the most attended event to date as almost 200 people in the ECC community attended.

Alumni Pinning Ceremony
The Alumni Pinning Ceremony takes place each May to welcome and induct the graduating seniors into the Alumni Association. The pinning ceremony, which seniors have described as very memorable, involves an existing member of the Alumni Association pinning each senior with an alumni brooch. Following the ceremony, each senior and alumni pinner are given gifts, compliments of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Pinning takes place at the Baccalaureate Mass and Awards that is held the Wednesday before graduation.

Spring Business Meeting
The spring business meeting is held on the Tuesday following graduation. Please consider joining us to discuss how to advance the cause of the association for the school community.

Class Gift List
Does your graduating class need a class gift suggestion? Click here to download the Class Gift Suggestion List.

Alumni Association Meeting Minutes
Click on the links below to view the minutes from each business meeting:

2014 Spring Meeting – Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2013 Fall Meeting – Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Spring Meeting – Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2012 Fall Meeting – Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 Spring Meeting – Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2011 Fall Meeting – Monday, October 17, 2011

Class Reunions
Need help planning your class reunion? Click here to download our Class Reunion Packet!

Alumni Class Representatives

If you would like to become an alumni class representative, please contact the Advancement Office.

ECCSS Advancement Office
600 Maurus Street
St. Marys, PA 15857


Class Year Representative
1944 Mrs. Mildred (Rupprecht) Sweeney
1945 Mrs. Irene (Wortman) Straub
1946 Mrs. Alice (Lecker) DeStephano
1946 Mrs. Lillian (Gregory) Haller
1947 Mrs. Clare (Bucheit) Horchen
1947 Mrs. Marguerite (Herbstritt) Lenze
1948 Mrs. Myra (Nolan) Trgovac
1950 Ms. Rosemarie Gregory
1951 Mrs. Elizabeth (Shadd) Gornati
1952 Mrs. Agnes (Samick) Schade
1954 Mrs. Patricia (Rigard) Hillebrand
1955 Mrs. Eileen (Olson) Erich
1956 Mrs. Carleen (Straub) Koch
1957 Mrs. Helene (McAllister) Burdick
1957 Mrs. Mary (Schade) Erich
1958 Mrs. Patricia (Vollmer) Stebick
1961 Mrs. Elizabeth (Schloder) Roberts
1962 Mr. Floyd Gerber
1962 Mrs. Sara (Fischer) Smith
1963 Mrs. Mary (Weidenboerner) Buerk
1964 Mrs. Nancy (Donahue) Caskey
1965 Mrs. Mary (Simons) Meyer
1965 Mrs. JoAnn (Fritz) Goodreau
1966 Mrs. Mary Jo (Bayer) Goetz
1967 Mrs. Ann (Wagner) Vollmer
1968 Mrs. Judy (Rollick) Schreiber
1969 Mrs. Janice (Feile) Simons
1970 Mrs. Susan (Friedl) Rettger
1971 Mrs. Jeanne (Sorg) Coppolo
1971 Mr. Fredric Fritz
1971 Mrs. Mary (Hayes) Wolfe
1972 Mrs. Linda (Feldbauer) Newell
1972 Mrs. Anne (Heary) Riddle
1973 Mrs. Marie (Stockman) Fritz
1973 Mr. Jeffrey Wolfe
1974 Mrs. Pamela (Donahue) Hanes
1974 Mrs. Mary Jo (Skok) Scott
1975 Mrs. Paula Fritz Eddy
1976 Mrs. Sallie (Parson) Horchen
1976 Mr. David Horchen
1976 Mr. Stanley Kornacki
1977 Dr. Karl Wolfe
1978 Mrs. Julie (Bauer) Uberti
1979 Mrs. Coleen (Bucher) Kronenwetter
1982 Mr. Terrance Straub
1983 Mrs. Lisa Daghir
1984 Mrs. Jennifer (Bauer) Meyer
1984 Mrs. Jill (Heiberger) Struble
1985 Mrs. Laurey (Wolfe) Kraus
1985 Mrs. Amy (Lecker) Fedus
1986 Mrs. Judy (Nissel) Herbstritt
1987 Mr. Matthew Herbstritt
1988 Mr. Mike Buchheit
1989 Mrs. Kelly (Ehrensberger) Breindel
1989 Mrs. Mary Pat (Frey) Dornish
1990 Miss Dawn Salter
1991 Mrs. Danielle (Miller) Fledderman
1991 Mr. Thomas Fledderman
1993 Ms. Amy Brunner
1994 Mr. Kevin McBride
1995 Ms. Amy Cherry
1996 Mrs. Melanie (Gabler) Meyer
1997 Mrs. Cathy (Kneidel) Bille
1998 Mrs. Melinda (Skok) Lanzel
1999 Mrs. Molly (Hanes) Beimel
2001 Mrs. Julia (Werner) Herzing
2002 Mrs. Lindsey (Meholic) Straub
2003 Mrs. Justine (Olson) Pyter
2004 Mr. Mark Simbeck
2004 Mrs. Rebecca (Snelick) Florig
2005 Miss Franchesca Stubber
2005 Miss Desiree Croteau
2006 Miss Rebecca Pfeufer
2007 Lauralee Geci
2008 Logan Haberberger
2009 Bill Yost
2010 Michael Pearsall
2011 Jessie McLaughlin
2012 Maddie O’Leary
2013 Kristy Hanes
2014 Carli Schneider